Vibratory Dryer Wd200

Vibratory Dryer Wd200

Technical Data:

  • Supply: 3x400 V; 50 Hz
  • Power: 2,2 kW (motor) + 2,4 kW (heaters)
  • Dimensions: 1250x1280x1160 mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 420 kg
  • Temperature range: 20-60 °C
  • RPM range: constant
  • Timer range: 1-60 min
  • Capacity: 200 l.
  • Cover: Polyurethane


  • Removal of post-treatment slurry from the surface of details with the help of heated corn
  • Details corrosion protection


  • Quick drying of details without leaving stains (corrosion protection)
  • The possibility of using various granulations of corn
  • Working chamber covered with polyurethane protecting against knocking down details
  • Bottom of the working chamber with a screw driveway
  • Built-in separation system
  • Adjustable base height
  • Temperature range 20-60°C
  • Timer 1-60 min

Working Kit:

  • Control panel with time and temperature regulation (without the steel stand)


  • Stainless steel stand for control panel

Centrifugal & Vibratory Dryers

Centrifugal dryers quickly dry workpieces using rotating drums and hot air blowers. Vibratory Dryer WD200 automates drying after processing with added moisture absorption and safe separation.