TURBO CLEAN Electric Sprayer for Surface Sanitizer

TURBO CLEAN Electric Sprayer for Surface Sanitizer

AVAILABLE Electric sprayers in various formats:
3 Lt – 5 Lt CURRENT
10 Lt – 30 LT BATTERIES > contact us for more information

TURBO CLEAN is a pressure-adjustable electric sprayer designed to spray a cleaning and/or disinfectant solution on surfaces. It was designed by Pai Cristal Italia to sanitize surfaces, through use in combination with OPEN-UP Sanitizer for surfaces.

The electric sprayer TURBO CLEAN does not require any type of connection to air, water or electricity. Thanks to its pump (max pressure 7 bar) it can spray the OPEN-UP solution up to 10 meters. Supplied with two lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that allow continuous use for up to 2 hours.

Technical Characteristics:

  • 1 tank 30L with wheels and handle
  • 1 tube length 6 meters
  • 1 stainless steel spray gun with 600 mm (with quick coupling) 1 spray gun equipped (with quick coupling)
  • 4 spraying nozzles (round, flat, triple and anti-fog)
  • 2 18V lithium-ion batteries
  • Working pressure: 1.5 to 6 bar
  • Flow rate: 3.5 l / mn
  • Launch range: up to 8 m
  • Working time: about 1h per battery
  • Dimensions: Height 960 mm – Width 460 mm – Prof. 330 mm
  • Empty weight: 12,5 kg
  • 1 charger

Surface sanitizer

OPEN-UP by Pai Cristal Italia: A potent surface sanitizer powered by active oxygen. Safe for various surfaces, it deodorizes and cleans effectively. Ideal for cars, offices, boats, and more. Use with a spray or TURBO CLEAN for larger areas. Upgrade your sanitizing routine today.