EXTRA STRONG High Cutting Compound

EXTRA STRONG High Cutting Compound

EXTRA STRONG cutting compound

EXTRA STRONG is a heavy cutting compound for car polishing developed by Pai Car – Pai Cristal. This professional cutting compound is used as the first aggressive step in the car polishing process.

EXTRA STRONG cutting compound:

  • It removes marks, failings, dullness and P1200-P2000 sand scratches.
  • It may be used both on oxides surfaces and new well dried paintes.
  • Also available black.

How to use EXTRA STRONG high cutting compound

Apply a small quantity of EXTRA STRONG on the polisher-pad. Let the polisher turn at low revolutions, speeding them up (800-1500 RPM) while spreading the paste with crossed movements. Pay attention at not overheating the paint. If necessary, please repeat the application more times till the complete removal of scratches. Eventually, wipe the surface with a clean cloth. For a better finishing, after Extra Strong we suggest to end the treatment with a finer compound like PAI CAR IPER-CUT

Car cutting compounds

Explore our Pai Car High Cutting Compounds for efficient car polishing. These compounds effectively eliminate defects, dullness, and P1200-P2000 sand scratches. Pair them with white rigid foam polishing pads for optimal results.