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Developing more efficient, sustainable production solutions in collaboration with our partners that meet the ever-changing needs of our sector.


Excellence in Every Machine, Every Time.


Where Quality Meets Leading Brands

As PTMakina, the most important reason for our recognition and success in the jewelry industry is that the products we offer are high quality products. We have an extremely sensitive approach in terms of product selection, quality control and continuity, we bring the world's leading brands of Avalon Machines, Pai Cristal Italia, IAT, Vaniman Manufacturing Co., Master Laser, GTECH plating to our customers.

Your Partner in Quality Jewelry Production

PT Makina is your dedicated partner for high-quality jewelry production. Through collaborations with global industry leaders, we prioritize excellence. Our R&D efforts allow us to offer tailored production and pricing solutions, meeting regional needs with precision. Choose PT Makina for exceptional results in the jewelry industry.