EVER WAX Barrier protective wax

EVER WAX Barrier protective wax

EVER WAX car protective wax 

EVER WAX is a super protective wax for paintwork, with amazing water beading properties that grants long-lasting protection.

  • It leaves a thin but tough and resistant film that anchors to the paint, keeping it shiny and protected from UV rays, natural elements, pollution, tree sap, droppings, etc
  • Feeds the paint and restores the original deep shine of the surface, leaving a protective water repellent barrier and a rich gloss that lasts for long time.

How to use EVER WAX car protective wax 

Verify that the area of application is clean, with no oxidations and superficial marks. Pour some drops of product on a soft small pad and spread it with circular and vigorous movements. Please, pay attention to spread it homogeneously, insisting more times on the area. Let it act and dry for 10-15 minutes or more, thus allowing the product to reticulate. Then remove it with a soft and clean cloth.

Car protective polish and waxes

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