Carbon Polishing Compounds

Explore the world of carbon parts – lightweight, strong, and aesthetically appealing. Discover Pai Boat Composites' specialized products for efficient polishing processes on lacquered carbon and epoxy-protected fibers.

Carbon Polishing Compounds

Carbon parts

Composite parts produced by using carbon as a fibre are becoming more and more common in many different application fields. Just as composite materials in general, the advantages mainly lie in the higher resistance combined with an extreme lightness – especially if compared to the use of traditional materials (steel, aluminium).

Further, when we consider carbon parts, one of the strengths is also the undeniable aesthetic value that the product acquires.

In view of the dynamism of this sector over the last few years and the increasing number of specific requests, Pai Boat Composites R&D department has developed a line of dedicated products.
The main goal has been to develop ad hoc polishing processes, which guarantee excellent as well as fast results, both when working on lacquered carbon and directly on that epoxy layer which protects the fibre beneath.