Chips for wet system of polishing

Achieve optimal results with PAI CLASSIC's Ceramic and Plastic Abrasive Chips for Wet Polishing. These chips are ideal for various applications like polishing, leveling, deburring, grinding, and smoothing. Elevate your polishing processes with our abrasive chips.

Chips for wet system of polishing

Elevate your wet polishing process with the versatile range of Ceramic and Plastic Abrasive Chips by PAI CLASSIC. These high-quality abrasive chips come in various shapes, sizes, and grinding powers, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ceramic abrasive chips, such as the CYLINDER White - Polishing - KBK LW CTO, offer excellent polishing capabilities with a focus on achieving a surface with very low roughness. These chips are perfect for tasks that demand a fine finish and a brilliant shine.

The TRIANGLE Grey chips, available in both Smoothing (CMA NR TRG) and Smoothing/Shining (CMA PR TRG) variants, are designed for leveling surfaces and improving roughness. They strike the right balance between grinding power and are effective in achieving the desired finish.

For more heavy-duty tasks, consider the TRIANGLE Grey - Deburring/Grinding - CMA AB TRG chips, which come with high grinding power. These chips are your solution for polishing and shining surfaces with very low roughness value.

The Plastic abrasive chips, such as the CONE Blue - PLA MC CAP and CONE Red - PLA LC CAP, are specifically designed for tasks like rounding edges, removing welding residues, and leaving a matte surface. These chips offer low grinding power and are suitable for a variety of applications.

The CONE Green - PLA HC CAP and PYRAMID Blue - PLA HC PYR chips come with high grinding power and are perfect for applications requiring the removal of sharp edges and working signs caused by processes like laser etching.

Last but not least, the PYRAMID Green chips are ideal for tasks that involve removing sharp edges and working signs resulting from laser etching.

No matter your surface improvement needs, PAI CLASSIC's Ceramic and Plastic Abrasive Chips offer a solution to meet your requirements. Choose from a range of shapes, sizes, and grinding powers to achieve the perfect finish for your workpiece.