Compounds And Powders

In wet grinding, compounds absorb impurities from chips and materials, removed promptly for cleaner, more effective finishing. Compound selection depends on material and operation, with chemical ingredients aiding emulsification, anti-sedimentation, degreasing, corrosion protection, and surface enhancement through reduced surface tension.

Compounds And Powders

During wet grinding process the used compounds absorb the occuring impurities- the remains from the chips as well as from the material that is in the process.

The impurified liquid is immediately removed from the machine. Thanks to this the whole process is very clean which makes the finishing more effective.

The supporting compounds are selected depending on processed material and the type of carried operation. The chemical ingredients included in the compound need to fulfil a numer of tasks in the process. They influence on emulsifying, anti sedimentation and foaming, they degrease the processed elements, protect it against corrosion or create a sliding layer on the surface of the material.

All of the moistening substances that are present in the supporting chemical solutions reduce the surface tension which makes the finishing process much easier and more effective.