Headlight restoration kit

Revive Headlights with PACAR's EASY8 Kit EASY8, a pro headlight restoration kit, renews cloudy, yellowed headlights. Ideal for pros or DIY with innovative back plate for drill use. Includes POLY-PROTECT paste and polish for amazing results.

Headlight restoration kit

Headlight restoration kit – PACAR

EASY8 is the professional headlight restoring the headlight lenses on your vehicle can become yellow, dull, and hazy from the sun – Easy8 is a professional headlight restoration kit.

Easy8 is a kit developed for professionals but with the innovative back plate is easy to use even with a drill.

This headlights restoration kit contains everything you need to restore a yellowed and oxidized headlight, allows you to achieve amazing results.

Inside, in addition to the abrasive paste polycarbonate POLY-PROTECT and protective polish for polycarbonate POLY-PROTECT , all the necessary accessories, including abrasive discs.