REX Xtra mordente

REX Xtra mordente

REX is a heavy cutting compound for hard tooling gelcoat as well as for polishing gelcoat end products, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.

REX cutting polishing compound:

  • it is ideal for polishing and refurbishing vinyl ester and hard tooling moulds;
  • it removes P600-P800 sand scratches on gelcoat end products;
  • rather than a paste, it is a “One step” polishing cream, and it assures a high quality finish.

High Cutting Polishing Compounds

Discover Pai Boat Composites' cutting and polishing compounds for various applications, including gelcoat, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and more. Professional-grade solutions for removing scratches, sanding marks, yellowing, and oxidation.