PERLA 15 Sublime

PERLA 15 Sublime

PERLA 15 is a specific polishing compound for painted surfaces and lacquers, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal. P

ERLA 15 polishing compound:

  • it is ideal as “one step” product: it combines an excellent cutting action to a sublime shiny finishing;
  • it removes scratches, dullness, medium-light oxidation and P1500-2000 sanding marks;
  • in its black version is perfect for polishing carbon parts.

Medium cutting polishing compounds

Explore Pai Boat Composites' high-quality refinishing polishes for yachts, boats, fiberglass, GRP parts, and carbon components. Carefully formulated to remove holograms and provide a deep shine. Ideal for gelcoat, resins, lacquered, painted, and carbon surfaces.