Pumice Natural Abrasive Powder

Pumice Natural Abrasive Powder


  • HARD
    they work efficiently on the item surface, removing quickly scratches created from the milling,
    turning and the deepest incisions originated from other kind of treatments. Meanwhile, they smooth out the edges.
    they split apart in contact with the item surface, working without ruining the surface and without leaving scratches.
    impurities don’t reach the 0,3% of volume and the product quality is constant.
    they are realized on demand of PAI CRISTAL to reply to the specific requirements of tumbling workers, as the following table.

The pumice, abrasive natural powder especially indicated for the finishing of delicate surfaces, can be used in the grinding and smoothing phases during the dry tumbling process of acetate and metal eyewear, fashion accessories and buttons in different kind of materials. Furthermore, it can be used as abrasive additive in addition to plastic and ceramic chips during the wet treatment of these items.

Pumice and oils for dry tumbling

Elevate your dry tumbling process with PAI CLASSIC's Pumice and Oils. Our Pumice Natural Abrasive Powder and quality oils are ideal for finishing delicate surfaces during the dry tumbling of eyewear, fashion accessories, and buttons. These products ensure efficient and scratch-free results.