Galvanic Plants

G-tech Galvanic Plants feature precise SMPS power supplies, digital thermostats, and a user-friendly interface. Developed for optimal results, they use quality equipment, including magneto anodes.

Galvanic Plants


  • SMPS Power Supply
  • Volt and Ampere controlled operation feature
  • Digital Timer
  • Precision Amps / Minute Counter
  • Movable Cathode Bar
  • Digital Thermostat Heat Control
  • Filtering System
  • Unique User Interface


Current / heat / anode / cathode distance and continuity of coating chemicals are the most important factors for achieving the desired results. G-tech Coating Baths are developed and manufactured based on these and other important technical details, recommended usage information of chemical manufacturers and the experience of professional users. For the precision, robustness and full compatibility of the parts used, and to ensure that the efficiency is at the end point, experienced users have been tested and the best production is targeted.


G-tech Galvanic Coating Baths are equipped with the direct current SMPS power supplies you need to get maximum benefit from the coating chemicals you are using, and digital thermostats with a tolerance of +/- 1 decade for the heat sensitivity. There is also a precise Amperage / Minute counter to monitor your chemical consumption with approximate values.


We are the distributor company for magneto anodes, the inventors of pt/ti anodes. Based on efficient quality we recommend the usage of magneto anodes.


G-tech Galvanic Plating Baths have a unique interface which is developed by G-tech with four different keys and one click operation.