TY-BLACK Glossy dresser for tyres

TY-BLACK Glossy dresser for tyres

TY-Black glossy dresser for tyres

TY-BLACK is the glossy dresser for tyre.

  • Through its innovative formula made up with state-ofthe- art polymers, this specific polish cleans and restores plastic parts such as dashboards, front and rear bumpers, etc.
  • It gives deepness and brightness, restoring the original black surface and leaving an antistatic film.
  • It also prevent dust and dirt’s deposition.

How to use TY-BLACK glossy dresser for tyres

Clean and dry carefully the affected area. Apply the product on a tyre’s sidewall with a S18 foam pad or a brush and let it dry.

TY-BLACK 5kg version can be diluted from 10 to 30% with water, according to the level of dirt to remove