PAI-PLAST Car plastic cleaner

PAI-PLAST Car plastic cleaner

PAI PLAST is a Sanitizer matt plastic restoring polish for plastic car parts.

  • Degreases and dissolves stubborn stains and grime very fast and well.
  • It leaves a matt and antistatic protective film.
  • Through its active components, it guarantees an excellent sanitizing action, thus making it a perfect product also for public transport.
  • It is also suitable for rubber, PVC and leatherette
  • It leaves a fresh and pleasant scent.

How to use PAI-PLAST Car plastic cleaner

Please spray a little quantity on Silky Double microfiber and apply on the area to treat. Let it act for a while, then remove with the opposite side of the microfiber.

PAI-PLAST 5 kg version can be diluted in water at a percentage of 25-30%, according to the level of dirt to remove.

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