TOP-DRESS Sanitizer plastic renewer for cars

TOP-DRESS Sanitizer plastic renewer for cars

TOP-DRESS Sanitizing plastic renewer for cars is a sanitizer restoring polish for plastic car parts.

  • Through its innovative formula made up with top waxes and state-of-the art polymers, this specific polish cleans, shines and restores plastic parts such as dashboards, front and rear bumpers, etc. 
  • It leaves a semi-glossy and antistatic protective film.
  • It leaves a fresh and pleasant scent.

How to use TOP-DRESS sanitizer plastic renewer for cars

Please spray a small quantity of product on SILKY DOUBLE Microfiber and spread it with circular movements. Eventually, remove it with the opposite side of the Microfiber. If a higher gloss level is desired, please repeat the application twice, increasing the quantity.

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