Extra fine polish and wax

Achieve a high-gloss finish with Easy Gloss, remove oxidation and stains with Flash-Touch, and protect against UV rays with UV Shield by Pai Cristal Boat Composites.

Extra fine polish and wax

Pai Cristal Boat Composites presents its "Extra Fine Polish and Wax" collection featuring three exceptional products: Easy Gloss, Flash-Touch, and UV Shield.

Easy Gloss is an extraordinary restoring protective polish designed for gelcoat, resins, painted surfaces, and lacquers. It not only adds a high-gloss finish but also offers wax protection. This versatile product swiftly eliminates light oxidation, stains, and water spots while restoring the original deep shine. Its ease of application and removal, whether by hand or polisher, sets it apart.

Flash-Touch is a remarkable 3in1 spray product that excels in cleaning, polishing, and protecting. It is incredibly easy and quick to apply and remove, leaving a durable protective layer for a radiant and shiny finish. Suitable for gelcoat, composite parts, resins, paints, plastics, rubber, and glass, it offers convenience and efficiency.

UV Shield is a premium seasonal wax engineered for the ultimate protection of gelcoat, grp parts, fiberglass components, and lacquer. It forms a robust protective shield that lasts a season, safeguarding against UV rays, weathering, salt, and droppings. Thanks to its well-balanced blend of UV ray inhibitors, Carnauba waxes, and polymers, it rejuvenates and preserves the original deep shine, resulting in a long-lasting rich gloss.

Choose Pai Cristal Boat Composites for these exceptional Extra Fine Polish and Wax products, ensuring the highest quality and protection for your marine investments.