UV SHIELD Premium Seasonal Wax

UV SHIELD Premium Seasonal Wax

UV SHIELD is a super protective and ultra-performing wax for gelcoat, grp parts, fiberglass components and lacquer, developed by Pai Boat Composites – Pai Cristal.


  • it is ideal for the extreme protection of boats, RV’s, painted surfaces and other composite materials;
  • it assures a real protective shield that lasts a season against UV rays, weathering, salt, droppings;
  • its balanced blend of UV ray inhibitors, Carnauba waxes and polymers, feeds and restores the original deep shine of surfaces, leaving a rich gloss that lasts for long time.

Extra fine polish and wax

Achieve a high-gloss finish with Easy Gloss, remove oxidation and stains with Flash-Touch, and protect against UV rays with UV Shield by Pai Cristal Boat Composites.