Polishing Benches

Polishing benches are essential for manual grinding and polishing in jewelry work. They include integrated dust collection, quiet operation, and options for speed regulation, making them versatile and efficient for various materials.

Polishing Benches

Polishing benches can be used for manual grinding or polishing of small items, semi-finished goods or other jewellery workpieces. Buffing machines are essential for every jewellery workshop and are very useful for workpieces, which cannot be mass finished.

Our polishing benches are equipped with integrated exhausting system for processing dust. There is no need to connect it to external exhausting or ventilation system. Technological waste is collected in special filters and heavier particles are stored in the bottom part of the machine. This makes it possible to recycle the precious metal. Filters are removable and can be cleaned at any time. Mandrel used for mounting grinding wheels is secured by ergonomic shield with lighting, which protects worker from dust and spalls. Particular advantage of our machine is the sound dampening housing made from carefully selected materials. This results in quiet work and high performance of this unit.

It is possible to equip the machine with closed shield, which is especially suitable for gold processing. In this case 100% of waste material can be recovered. Working motor is integrated with special mounting tool, which provides quick changing of grinding wheels. Very precise manufacturing of the mounting tool eliminates any imbalance of the grinding wheel.

Polishing benches can be equipped with speed regulation. It is especially important for polishing of different materials.