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PT Makina is your dedicated partner for high-quality jewelry production. Through collaborations with global industry leaders, we prioritize excellence. Our R&D efforts allow us to offer tailored production and pricing solutions, meeting regional needs with precision. Choose PT Makina for exceptional results in the jewelry industry.

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  • Disc Finishing Machines

    Avalon disc finishing machines are the perfect solution for quick, efficient, and versatile surface treatment of jewelry and other components. Contact us today to learn more about our machines and how they can benefit your business.

  • Pen Plating Units

    G-tech Pen Plating Units Very fast coating on sensitive and very small surfaces in pen coatings is the basis and purpose of the system.

  • Machines For Amber

    Set of machines for amber processing is an efficient solution for stone processing factories. Creating of multiple shapes or drilling become easier by use of our equipment.

  • IAT Anotlar

    Insoluble Anode Technology: Netherlands-based manufacturer of advanced titanium anodes for various industries, offering MMO and Platinum coatings on Titanium substrates.

  • Electropolishers

    Avalon electropolishers achieve a mirror shine on gold jewelry in just 5-25 minutes, making them ideal for filigree products with complex geometry and closed spaces.

  • Round Vibratory Machines

    Round vibratory machines, distinguished by gentle workpiece interactions, provide fast, efficient cleaning, grinding, and polishing. Ideal for jewelry and materials like silver, gold, amber, glass, precious stones, stainless steel, with minimal material loss.

  • Metal polishing compounds

    Pai Composites polishing compounds, refinishing polishes for composite materials, gelcoat fiberglass, carbon fibre. Detergents for boat and yacht care

  • Trough Vibratory Machines

    Trough vibratory machines have open-top working bowls, suitable for long workpieces. Imbalanced weight motors create high-amplitude, low-frequency vibrations, making them ideal for deburring, grinding, and various processes like cleaning and polishing.

  • Separating Units

    Separating units streamline mass workpiece separation. Manual separation is time-consuming and hinders efficiency. Automatic integration in mass finishing machines is ideal for large-scale small workpiece production, aiding separation on vibrating screens. Suitable for 18+ liter capacity machines.

  • Centrifugal & Vibratory Dryers

    Centrifugal dryers quickly dry workpieces using rotating drums and hot air blowers. Vibratory Dryer WD200 automates drying after processing with added moisture absorption and safe separation.

  • Process Water

    The Cascade System offers eco-friendly wastewater treatment for mass finishing processes. It includes rough water treatment and a vertical cascade system to separate water and particles, allowing water reuse, benefiting the environment, economy, and legal compliance.

  • Polishing Benches

    Polishing benches are essential for manual grinding and polishing in jewelry work. They include integrated dust collection, quiet operation, and options for speed regulation, making them versatile and efficient for various materials.

  • Magnetic Finishers

    Magnetic polishers effectively clean and polish intricate corners, suitable for silver and gold workpieces, removing oxidation. Models like PM200 and PM200s have acrylic housing, while the PM500 features stainless steel construction.

  • Media

    Mass finishing employs various media choices, like synthetic, ceramic, porcelain, and stainless steel with compounds for wet processes, and walnut shell with polishing paste for dry ones. The media's shape, size, and abrasiveness cater to specific workpiece requirements.

  • Compounds And Powders

    In wet grinding, compounds absorb impurities from chips and materials, removed promptly for cleaner, more effective finishing. Compound selection depends on material and operation, with chemical ingredients aiding emulsification, anti-sedimentation, degreasing, corrosion protection, and surface enhancement through reduced surface tension.

  • Electrodes Plating Pen

    Our platinum-plated titanium pens feature acid-resistant platinum on current-transmitting parts. Platinum plating is done by a professional titanium anode manufacturer. We use German company Hirschmann's sockets in our products.

  • Galvanic Plants

    G-tech Galvanic Plants feature precise SMPS power supplies, digital thermostats, and a user-friendly interface. Developed for optimal results, they use quality equipment, including magneto anodes.

  • Pen Coating Tips

    Our pen coating tips, made from various fiber materials with different resin properties, offer cost-effective, high-quality solutions for precious metal coating. Choose us for efficiency and quality.

  • High Cutting Polishing Compounds

    Discover Pai Boat Composites' cutting and polishing compounds for various applications, including gelcoat, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and more. Professional-grade solutions for removing scratches, sanding marks, yellowing, and oxidation.

  • Medium cutting polishing compounds

    Explore Pai Boat Composites' high-quality refinishing polishes for yachts, boats, fiberglass, GRP parts, and carbon components. Carefully formulated to remove holograms and provide a deep shine. Ideal for gelcoat, resins, lacquered, painted, and carbon surfaces.

  • Refinishing polish

    PAI BOAT COMPOSITES Refinishing polishes for yachts and boats, fiberglass, grp parts, carbon components

  • Extra fine polish and wax

    Achieve a high-gloss finish with Easy Gloss, remove oxidation and stains with Flash-Touch, and protect against UV rays with UV Shield by Pai Cristal Boat Composites.

  • Matting paste

    PAI Boat Composites, Matting paste SATIN 3000 MATTING COMPOUND that has been specially created for boat solutions.

  • DIY products

    Discover PAI Cristal Boat Composites! fantastic range of DIY products by PAI Cristal Boat Composites! We offer three exceptional solutions for your boat maintenance and refit needs

  • Boat RV's and Caravan Cleaners

    Elevate your boat cleaning with our specialized, concentrated detergents. Pai Boat Composites offers a comprehensive range for gelcoats, fiberglass, paints, inflatable boats, and more.

  • Carbon Polishing Compounds

    Explore the world of carbon parts – lightweight, strong, and aesthetically appealing. Discover Pai Boat Composites' specialized products for efficient polishing processes on lacquered carbon and epoxy-protected fibers.

  • Marine DIY Boat polishing kit

    Revitalize your boat effortlessly with our DIY Boat Polishing Kit. Pai Boat Composites - Pai Cristal offers pastes, polishes, and accessories for tackling yellowing, scratches, and more. Achieve professional results by hand or with power tools.

  • Car cutting compounds

    Explore our Pai Car High Cutting Compounds for efficient car polishing. These compounds effectively eliminate defects, dullness, and P1200-P2000 sand scratches. Pair them with white rigid foam polishing pads for optimal results.

  • Car One Step polishing compounds

    Discover our Car One Step Polishing Compounds, designed to eliminate marks, dullness, and P1500-P2300 sand scratches. For optimal results, use them with orange medium-hard foam polishing pads.

  • Car polish anti-holograms

    Discover the car polish for car polishing and detailing: Anti Holograms polish for cars, nano abrasive polish.

  • Car protective polish and waxes

    Enhance Your Car's Shine and Shield with Pai Car's Polish and Waxes. Explore our range for exceptional gloss and surface protection. From PAICAR 04 Super Finish to FLASH-TOUCH Anti-Haze Spray and EVER WAX Barrier Protective Wax, achieve brilliance with ease.

  • Car decontamination

    Discove all teh products for Car decontamination: DECON-TECH the cleaner for Car decontamination, and all the PAICAR support for a perfet decontamitaion.

  • Car matting compound

    Discover I-MATT the car matting compound paste for bodywork, specific for the surface preparation before blending, it matts the paint leaving a flat surface. phase.

  • Polishing compounds for polycarbonate

    Enhance clarity and gloss with POLY-CUT rubbing compound and POLY-PROTECT polish for polycarbonate. These solutions effectively eliminate oxidation and scratches, ideal for restoring yellowed and oxidized headlights.

  • Car interior cleaners

    Discover all the PAICAR car interior cleaners for car washing and car detailing.

  • Car exterior cleaners

    Discover the PAICAR car exterior cleaners: a complete line of detergents for car exterior cleaning.

  • Car sanitizing cleaners

    Discover the car sanitizing cleaners PAICAR. FLASH TOUCH quick detailer, PAI-PLAST car plastics cleaner, TOP-DRESS glossy dresser for car plastics, TX-TL car fabrics and carpets cleaner.

  • Headlight restoration kit

    Revive Headlights with PACAR's EASY8 Kit EASY8, a pro headlight restoration kit, renews cloudy, yellowed headlights. Ideal for pros or DIY with innovative back plate for drill use. Includes POLY-PROTECT paste and polish for amazing results.

  • Abrasive powders and polishing solutions

    Find out the Pai Cristal abrasive powders and polishing solutions. Abrasive powder PTB, Abrasive dust BC2, Abrasive powder DIAMANTS, Abrasive powder PTB

  • Pai Cristal tumbling machines

    Find out the Pai Cristal tumbling machines, in this section you will find also the barrels for tumbler and the bench for hand-polishing.

  • Ultrasonic detergents

    Elevate your cleaning standards with PAI CLASSIC Ultrasonic Detergents, including ULTRAFAST, RX CLEAN, GOLD PERFECT WASHING, and DETERGENT FOR POLYESTER PAIPOL N. Achieve precise and professional cleaning results.

  • Additives for wet system of polishing

    Enhance wet polishing with PAI CLASSIC additives: WM LEV Smoothing Paste, WM LUX Polishing Compound, EMULSIONE B Shining Wax, and SBM282 Polishing Solution. Achieve glossy, regular surfaces effortlessly. Elevate your wet polishing with PAI CLASSIC.

  • Chips for wet system of polishing

    Achieve optimal results with PAI CLASSIC's Ceramic and Plastic Abrasive Chips for Wet Polishing. These chips are ideal for various applications like polishing, leveling, deburring, grinding, and smoothing. Elevate your polishing processes with our abrasive chips.

  • Pumice and oils for dry tumbling

    Elevate your dry tumbling process with PAI CLASSIC's Pumice and Oils. Our Pumice Natural Abrasive Powder and quality oils are ideal for finishing delicate surfaces during the dry tumbling of eyewear, fashion accessories, and buttons. These products ensure efficient and scratch-free results.

  • Plastic and wood media for dry tumbling

    Elevate your dry tumbling process with PAI CLASSIC's Plastic and Wood Media. Choose from plastic media like GF20 and wood media such as FR69 or LDC5 for exceptional results on various materials.

  • Polishing compounds for dry tumbling

    Elevate your dry tumbling process with PAI CLASSIC Polishing Compounds. From GR8 for exceptional finishes to LP200, L2, LP300, and more, we have solutions for various materials. Achieve consistent, impressive results easily.

  • Cotton wheels for hand polishing

    Cotton wheel Aurora, white cloth buffing wheel, Cotton Madapolam Polishing Wheel

  • Felt wheels for hand polishing

    FELT buffing wheel for hand polishing

  • Surface sanitizer

    OPEN-UP by Pai Cristal Italia: A potent surface sanitizer powered by active oxygen. Safe for various surfaces, it deodorizes and cleans effectively. Ideal for cars, offices, boats, and more. Use with a spray or TURBO CLEAN for larger areas. Upgrade your sanitizing routine today.

  • Vegetable granules for dry tumbling

    Discover Pai Cristal's dry tumbling products including corncob, corozo, and walnut granules for various polishing applications.

  • Polishing bar compounds

    Explore Pai Cristal's range of hand polishing bar compounds for various applications, including plastics and metals.